Prince of Persia Two Thrones Review (Playstation 2)

James Whitlock
6 min readDec 26, 2022

On December 1st, 2005, Ubisoft released The Two Thrones, an exciting new chapter in the acclaimed Prince of Persia series. With The Two Thrones, it seems Ubisoft has tried to find a medium between the action-packed Warrior Within and the innovative puzzler of Sands of Time. The Two Thrones not only successfully does that, but also brings its fair share of new ideas and concepts to the series. The result is not only an excellent action/platformer, but a great end to one heck of a series!

The story begins with the Prince and his new lady friend, Kaileena, traveling by sea to his Kingdom of Babylon. As the ship comes closer to Babylon, the two witness the Kingdom in flames. Soon after the Prince’s ship comes under attack by a large amount of flaming arrows and catapults. The ship explodes, separating the Prince from Kaileena, who is soon taken by some of the invaders. When the Prince finally finds Kaileena, he is too late, and comes across the same Vizier from theSands of Time, killing her with the Dagger of Time. Once again, this leads to the release of the Sands of Time. With the sands free, the Vizier, his guards, and the Prince himself, are all tainted by its power.

Like I said, the Prince is actually tainted by the powers of the sands. However, it seems that the Prince’s body is resisting the curse of the sands, but only somewhat. Unlike most infected, the Prince continues to look normal, but every so often he transforms into what is known as the Dark Prince. This dark embodiment is similar to that of the Prince in Warrior Within, only caring about combat and battling his enemies. As the Dark Prince, not only does he physically look different, but he is also much stronger and faster. The Dark Prince’s choice of weaponry is also different. While he still carries around the Dagger of Time, he also uses a long-bladed chain known as the Daggertail. The Daggertail is a very deadly weapon that can be used for both fighting and interacting with certain areas of the environment, such as swinging from pole to pole and pulling out blocks located in walls.

Of course, the Dark Prince also features a completely different style of combat from the normal Prince. While the controls of the two characters work pretty much the same way, there are, of course, different actions resulting from pushing their combat buttons. Like the Prince in Warrior Within, the Dark Prince is able to perform several different combos by doing a variety of button mashing, or by actually…



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