Pocket Kingdom: Own the World Review (N-Gage)

James Whitlock
9 min readJan 17

As the first MMO game on the N-Gage, Pocket Kingdom: Own the World has a lot to live up to. I’ve spent a lot of time with the game lately and it seems to have exceeded my every expectation. The game is easy to pick up and play, yet offers a good deal of character and item customization. On top of that, it’s ridiculously addictive. Not convinced yet? Read on to see what this game has to offer.

Pocket Kingdom has an interesting awareness that it’s just a game. Each unit is like a different player, right down to the annoying l33t speak. The game also features history that revolves around great players instead of gods and mythology. This gives the game a very unique feel and adds a lot of humor. Wizards talk about their “homies” during battle, and golems complain that “you’re ruining my fantasy adventure” when you defeat them.

The game takes place in the map of Ulgress, a region named after a powerful griefer from the past. A griefer is a player who makes life miserable for everyone else, and is pretty much just asking to be banned. Ulgress got what he asked for. After Ulgress was banned, everything started to fall apart and the map was thrust into war. This is how it all started, and now is your chance to follow in Ulgress’ footsteps. Your Kingdom will start with a handful of loot and some basic characters and you’ll need to build it into an empire powerful enough to own the world! How do you do that? Conquer other Kingdoms until you’ve made it to the top of the All Time Owner Board.

You’ll begin the game in an offline tutorial. This will show you the ropes of the game and teach you the basics, like buying and upgrading units, combining items and forming an army. The game is fairly unique, so getting the hang of things may take a while, even with the help of the tutorial. There are a few things that aren’t explained particularly well in the tutorial as well, so things may not start off particularly smoothly. Once you’ve got the hang of things, though, you’ll be able to defeat several computer Pocket Kingdoms and earn the Online Crest, which allows you to play online. But, don’t rush yourself… playing online can be pretty dangerous. The offline mode is pretty extensive. You can play offline as long as you want, battling computer opponents, collecting items and upgrading your units. When you do decide…

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